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Welcome to Shorewave HQ, Bushwick, NY.

Shorewave Records is the brainchild of freelance journalist and lifelong music aficionado Chris Leo Palermino (@indiecalp). Welcome to the inner workings of his musical world, straight from a basement in Bushwick, New York and various corners of the greater Boston area. He currently works for Billboard, Metro Newspapers and has a music business background interning for too many music biz companies to count.

This blog will chronicle the tales and travails of a beginning and running a record label in 2013, in the midst of a rapidly changing, volatile music business. Shorewave is a full-service record label, and we have our hands involved in gigging, recording, marketing, touring, distribution, social media and just about everything else you could think of involving a record label.

We throw our first house show on Friday at Shorewave HQ in Bushwick — more info to come on that including a preview this week, but in the meantime, peruse our site and check out our artists, garage rock act The Roads and electro/post-punk act What Model Citizens.

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