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[clockwise from top left]: The Roads at Engineer’s Mansion, Kal Marks at Shorewave’s SXSW showcase, The Roads at Aputumpu Fest and bellechord at our SXSW showcase

While we’ve been out of the public eye on this blog as of late, lots of things happened within — and beyond — the confines of Shorewave since the end of February. Below are some notes from Chris, our co-founder. He talks about The Roads’ first Boston date and our experience at our first two festivals. Did we mention that March was a busy month?

  • I joined The Roads for a road trip to Boston for their first out-of-state shows on March 8. Yes, shows. They enjoyed the comfort (and high-end equipment, who are we kidding) of a gig at MIT thanks to our friends in The Daydreamers — and then quickly hightailed it to a new, off-the-beaten path DIY venue in Somerville called the Engineer’s Mansion for a late night gig. It was probably worth it solely because there’s a ball pit there. That being said, they played a great show with our good friend David Pollack.  There was a quite cold sleep in a virtually blanket-less basement and a mile-long walk with equipment in hand the following morning, but that’s the rock life, right?
  • Speaking of road trips and this fabled ‘rock life,’ I think it’s more like the ‘rough-and-tumble’ life. By the end of the day on March 11, I found myself in the much warmer (and, y’know, friendlier) confines of Austin, TX thanks to the relentless driving of our own Brooklyn-based What Model Citizens’ Alex Musto over the course of two long (and for me, sleep-filled) days. Us and the rest of the music world, actually. We hit the 26th annual music biz fest, South by Southwest, for the week. In addition to my duties covering the fest for the Metro, Shorewave put on our first SXSW show in an East Austin backyard  on March 15. We had a great turn out, and wonderful sets from pow wow!, What Model Citizens, David Pollack, Bellechord, Kal Marks and BIG MESS… until it was shut down by the darn po-lice at around 10:15p. Apologies to Brooklyn’s Haybaby, Boston’s The New Highway Hymnal and Austin locals Shivery Shakes… we’ll make it up to you soon.
  • Less than two weeks later, Shorewave was a sponsor of Brooklyn’s Aputumpu Fest. What Model Citizens played an early one in the Public Assembly’s grungy back room on the Friday night amidst an noisy punk lineup — we particularly liked Noxious Foxes, a two-piece with a much bigger sound. The Roads started off Saturday night’s great lineup at Ran Tea House (a newer, Asian-themed venue next door to 285 Kent and Glasslands) at what was probably their least organized — but most fun show yet.

After a crazy busy March, the first half of April has been more of a planning month for us at Shorewave HQ. That’s quickly about to change, though. We have two events coming up, one this Friday and more importantly, our next official Shorewave showcase at Muchmore’s in Williamsburg next Wednesday. What we can tell you now is that we’re excited to have Hippy, The Vee Vees and bellechord joining The Roads for that gig. More to come.

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