Shorewave releases first vinyl: “Garden / Magnifique Innocent” by Honey Wild [SW003]

honey wild vinyl promo
Last week was a momentous occasion in Shorewave Records history as we released our first vinyl, “Garden / Magnifique Innocent” [SW003] by Honey Wild. We asked the guys in Honey Wild about how they got into vinyl — and if they ever imagined that they’d be able to hear themselves on the better sounding physical format.

Shorewave: How did you guys get into vinyl records?

Joe Stevens (lead singer): Well, it was almost the exclusive medium that my parents listened to music on for my entire life. I never ‘discovered it’ — it was just there. My mom has the original Beatles records (which I’ve stolen for myself), Simon and Garfunkel… my dad was and (still is) always playing jazz records, sitting indian-style on our living room floor and reading the back of record sleeves. [Years later], my girlfriend let me borrow her record player when she went abroad for a couple of months. I would get stoned by myself and sit on the bed while I listened to records like Peter, Paul and Mary. It was very romantic.
Alex Rainer (guitar): I grew up in a house with all walls lined with LPs, a basement flooded with vinyl — a beautiful claustrophobia of sound. The first vinyl that I heard had to be Arthur Rubenstein performing Chopin nocturnes, or maybe The Weavers at Carnegie Hall.

Andy Payne (drums): I think that the first vinyl I heard was Thriller by Michael Jackson… I remember dancing along to it when I was a kid.
Steven Laing (bass): I didn’t get into vinyl until college. When I bought my first player, I ravaged crates of records at Goodwill and the only good one I found was The Doors’ first album. I played it over and over again, mostly because it was the only record that I had for like a week. Now my collection ranges from late ’60s rock to ’80s rock. there’s nothing better than just sitting in my room, doing nothing besides going through an album.

: Do you have a favorite vinyl?

Joe: A Perry Como Christmas record that I found [in South Williamsburg]. I love Christmas music and his version of “Do You Hear What I Hear” has the warmest, magical, most mysterious quality to it.
Alex: I’ve got this one compilation of Cajun zydeco tunes from the mid-20th century. It’s really worn out after a million spins, but it still gets the day going when it’s blasted loud.
Andy: Probably “Animals” by Pink Floyd. I know that it’s cliche to say that Pink Floyd got you through high school, but for me it definitely helped.

Shorewave: Did you ever expect to put out a release on vinyl?

Joe: As soon as I learned that bands were doing this again, for sure. It was the sort of thing that we weren’t going to spend any of our own money on. It was kind of unspoken that we were only going to do something like that if we had a label on board.
Steven More of a dream than a thought.

Purchase “Garden / Magnifique Innocent” via Honey Wild’s bandcamp.
Listen to the 7” via Shorewave Records’ Soundcloud.
Watch the self-made video for “Garden” via Impose Magazine.