Welcoming Fever & the Fret to Shorewave Records!

We first met Fever & the Fret (FB / Twitter), the alter-ego of Brazilian-born and Miami-based singer/songwriter Gabriel Schicchi, three years ago at a show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. At the time, Gabe gave me a demo of a garage rock group that ended up being our first signing, a now-defunct band called The Roads (listen to their first, and only, demo here).

We’ve been along for Gabe’s ride as a musician, coaxing him to make more music and helping him with artist development. Even when he decided to leave New York City and return home to sunny Miami. Undoubtably, there’s a lot of personal ties wrapped up in his newest EP, The Long Island EP (SW005, out in April 2015 via Shorewave Records) and we’re glad to be involved.

In order to officially welcome Fever & the Fret on board, we spoke with him about his artistic past, what he’s trying to accomplish with this new project and his Glastonbury aspirations.Tell me exactly what you do — you’re an actor, a writer, a musician…
I have a lot of actors and writers and musicians in my family so it always seemed natural to me to express myself in whichever way I could. Maybe the ways I couldn’t, too… Now I’m focusing on music, but I’ve knocked out three screenplays the past year, a few poems and I’ve been in two plays this winter.

What was your earliest experience with music?
Listening to oldies on the radio, especially girl groups. And at home, my dad would play both Brazilian and American music from the ’60s & ’70s. Chico Buarque, James Taylor, Billy Joel, early Beatles – those are primordial sounds for me. 

What was your first instrument?
Piano. My favorite sound is still any random chord my fingers find under middle C.

What was your first live performance like?
My first music performance was an open mic at Emerson College. I don’t think I was very good, but that one night I formed relationships with half of the musical peers I have now: Oliver Ford, Justin Ferraro of The Rizzos, Mike (Milk) Fink, and Liam Martin, who’s kind of my musical spirit-guide.

What are you listening to these days?
My favorite band right now is Bahamas, but I’ve been obsessing over Dixieland jazz, ’60s folk rock and early soul.

What are you trying to communicate with Fever & the Fret?
Content-wise, I’m trying to exorcise a couple of shitty years in New York and a complicated breakup. Form-wise, I’m making a statement — primarily to myself — about what a song can be.

Tell me about the recording process.
I met the producer, Trevor Gittelman, at a Shorewave Haus show I played last winter, and we had several idyllic recording sessions in his Long Island studio last spring. And then, eight grueling months — during which, the universe did its best to keep the music from ever seeing the light of day.

In a perfect world, where will Fever & the Fret be in a year?
Playing Glastonbury is pretty high on the bucket list. You did say perfect.

Catch Fever & the Fret perform his first live performance tomorrow night at Muchmore’s at 2 Havemeyer St. in Brooklyn, NY with Milk Fink, Lily Virginia and Howth. RSVP via Facebook. (Do you like Shorewave Records on Facebook yet?)