Honey Wild


HONEY WILD is a ’60s-influenced indie rock ‘n roll band from Brooklyn. They’re currently performing and recording alongside their self-titled EP released in October of 2014 via Shorewave Records. Listen to the single “7 Train,” the music video (shot at Shorewave Haus) for “Home” and catch them live!


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“7 Train” is anchored by a spectacular hook that lets the fuzz and crackles flow effortlessly around it — it’s a great bedroom pop song that never lets go of its playful nature.  — The Wild Honey Pie (9/22/14)

Sending you a slice of Bushwick, Brooklyn “Home” that gives a little taste of what making it in NYC on your own can feel like” — IMPOSE (10/17/14)

The video itself was shot at the Bushwick house of the label’s very own Chris Leo Palermino, and features the band playing a dazzling live performance of “Home.” The track features delightful 60s vibe that fans of Mac DeMarco should certainly appreciate. — We All Want Someone to Shout For (10/10/14)

Brooklyn indie rockers HONEY WILD knew they wanted to diverge from their afro-punk roots after releasing “Garden / Magnifique Innocent” last November (which received praise on La BlogothequeCMJ, The Wild Honey Pie and others). What the four-piece didn’t know is this re-imagining meant lead singer Joe Stevens (second from left) would delve within his relationship with the concrete jungle, himself, his girlfriend, and further into indie rock in just five short songs (s/t, release date: 10/15 via Shorewave Records) which Stevens recorded tape-to-tape in his Greenpoint apartment.

” ‘7 Train’ is anchored by a spectacular hook that lets the fuzz and crackles flow effortlessly around it— it’s a great bedroom pop song that never lets go of its playful nature.” — The Wild Honey Pie, Sept. 22, 2014“This 7”, it is obvious [that is] mainly the influence of our favorite [from] the past two years: the phrasing, timbre, guitar playing, everything here reminds [me of] Mac Demarco and one would be ungrateful to complain.”  (translated from French) — La Blogotheque, July 8, 2014

If the [Rough Trade show, 4/14] is any barometer, the new record should feature a shifting artistic direction for the band, with more bursts of chorus jangle and occasional cascades of delay and reverb.” — ThoughtPollution, April 3, 2014

“Brooklyn band Honey Wild will take you there – with warm, delightful guitar riffs and addictive, bohemian beach vibes. Comparable to the indie dance rock of Vampire Weekend, Honey Wild  follow a stellar formula: darling and quirky  lead vocals (Joe Stevens), frenzied guitar chords and songs climaxing in kick drums and symbol-smashing.” — ‘Listening Party’ feature on Bushwick Daily, January 15

” “Magnifique Innocent” is built around jangly electric guitar riffs that cleverly shift between keys for different sections of the song, while Joe Stevens’s rhythmic vocal melodies float on top.” — The Absolute Mag, November 2013

If anything though, it’s the second side that really impresses. Sounding less Vampire Weekend and more Real Estate, ‘Magnifique Innocent’ finds the perfect balance between surf and stoner rock, mixing beautiful melody with the occasional warped guitar solo. All this garnished with a healthy slice of backing tambourine. Bring back summer.” — AA-side single review on ArtRocker, November 13

If, like me, you’re sitting in an overly heated room staring at a sunny if chilly November day, longing for summer to come back, then I highly encourage you to listen to Garden. The surfy melodic track features quirky beats and jangly guitar riffs reminiscent of early Vampire Weekend.” — CMJ premiere of ‘Garden,’ November 13

“Light-hearted and summery, “Garden shows the group interacting with the vibrant art scene, the lovely walks, and the live music culture of one of our favorite towns [Montreal]. Interspliced with some distinct live footage from the group, this video is like a garden itself—full of coloful, living variety.” — Impose premiere of video for ‘Garden’, November 25 (above)

Garden is brilliant. A laid-back Summer strum that Vampire Weekend would break laws to get hold, but with sudden shifts in to some far more urgent and energetic pastures that keeps the listener on their toes throughout.” — GoldFlakePaint, November 28

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